Why Should People Draft Wills?

A good number of people on the Gold Coast do not think that writing wills are important.  Others think that it is too difficult and expensive, and therefore they put off drafting their wills.  There are also other people who think that death is taboo, and thus, they cannot think about their deaths and neither can they write their wills. However, writing a will is usually a very easy and simple process and very cheap for everyone to do it.  It is also important for you to ensure that you have written your will since you might not know what will happen when you die.  For clarity about your wealth, having a will in place is very important. If you wish to find out the reasons why adults should always consider writing their wills, take a look at the following section.


Reasons Why Adults on the Gold Coast Should Write Their Wills

Writing wills usually comes with a load of benefits that nobody expects.  Although you will not live to see your heirs enjoy the benefits, it is important to have a will. The following are some of the reasons writing a will is very crucial;

  • Make sure that you distribute your wealth according to your will

Whenever an adult dies without writing a will, the law will always decide who will get the wealth of the deceased.  Although some of your property will be passed to your spouse and kids,  the distribution will be determined by the value of your property and the conditions of the deed.  However, it will always dictate who can get the wealth of the deceased or not, depending on their wishes.   For this reason, if you wish to give your possession to certain people, you have to ensure that you have a will to guide them on the distribution process.

  • Outline and appoint the trustee

The other reason why writing will is important is that it helps you appoint and outline your trustee.  A trustee will be the person who will be overseeing and managing the distribution of your property. Having a trustee always ensures that your terms are honoured in the wealth distribution.

  • Specify your funeral wishes

The other reason why you should make sure that you write a will when you are alive is to make sure that you specify your funeral wishes. Everyone has the kind of things they wish as their last respect. Do you want a burial or should your body be cremated?  This should be indicated in your will to ensure that your loved ones know what to do.

  • Appoint a responsible guardian for your young kids

It is also crucial for you to have a legal guiding document of what should happen to the minor if both parents die.  Without a will, the kids may be taken to foster care which might not be your joy. Therefore, you need to have a will where the guardian can be appointed to take care of the kids in such a case.

  • Shorten the legal process

When there is a will, it is always easy for people to settle an estate without spending money and time extravagantly. For this reason, to reduce the legal fees and protect the wealth and property you wish to pass to your heirs, you should draft a will.


Should I Draft The Will With or Without Legal Help?

Most people often consider writing their wills without any legal help. However, you have to make sure that you have a will lawyer who can help you with the process of drafting your will.  Gold Coast will and estate lawyers can guide you through the process, ensuring that you do things the right way. The lawyer will also be helpful when the estate and wealth are being distributed to your loved ones.




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